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Grow your flowers in a fertile soil

The soil is extremely important for the correct and harmonious development of the flowers, and its quality will be directly reflected in the flowers` aspect. However, the perfect soil does not exist. Each type of soil has its own properties and particularities, and the existing soil must be brought to the desired parameters by fertilization and ensuring adequate mineral balance. As a general rule, leafy plants will need more nitrogen, while flowering plants will grow better in a phosphorus rich compost soil. It is also recommended to use organic fertilizers.

Hydration of plants

Ensuring the necessary water for your flowers is as important as planting them in a suitable soil. Garden plants need to be watered constantly, but not with a jet of water. To ensure that the flowers will not be affected by the flow, you will have to pour water directly to the base of the plant and wait for it to be absorbed by the soil.

Flower and soil maintenance

Now that your flowers have all the necessary conditions, you can prepare to see them bloom and enjoy their splendor. However, until then, you will have to consider some maintenance works, both to ensure the aesthetics of the flowers and to keep them healthy:

  • weeding once every few days
  • periodic soil aeration.