lawn fertilizer fall soil enrichment

The shelf life and utilization rate must be taken into account when purchasing a Fall fertilizer, regardless of their type. Do not order more than you need for the next 12 months. The date of production and the shelf life must be indicated on the outside of the packaging.

If you purchase a larger quantity than you need, some products may become unusable within the next year, causing problems related to their use. Therefore carefully check this information the moment you purchase the products. In specialty stores, stocks should be inspected regularly for signs of deterioration, such as solidification of powders, sedimentation or gelation of liquids, and discoloration by oxidation.

The shelf life decreases rapidly after the packaging has been opened and left partially empty. The work process must be planned in such a way that the opened container is used as quickly as possible, or at least with priority for subsequent applications. Sealed packages with fertilizers in the form of powder must not be stored for more than one year.

Fertilizer packaging is not only subject to damage caused by external factors (climatic, biological and mechanical), but can be corroded internally by the action of the pesticides it may contain.