hand sowing grass seed when to fertilize

The hot days of July may leave your lawn looking dry and blank, so that you may start wondering if there is any use in trying to re-seed it. But the good news is grass seeds can still be planted in August, so that you can regain your healthy lawn in the second half of the hot season.

One good idea is to use fertilizer before planting your seeds, so that you can give your lawn a safe and fresh restart. For instance, in case you apply fertilizing granules, you need to water the area after the application until the granules get absorbed into the soil, and only after that you can seed your grass.  Find out how and when to fertilize lawn in Colorado climate and different seasons.

At this point, you should avoid using compost, because it can favor the appearance of unwanted weeds on your lush lawn. The best way of sowing your grass seeds is at 50 grams per m2. In case you are seeding on a smaller area, you can do it by hand, and if you want to plant larger areas, you can use a spreader. In case you do not know the exact spreader settings, you should contact the manufacturer. After that you can rake the seeds into the soil and do the watering.