green lawn fertilizer organic product

Fertilizer products, whether compost that you make in your own backyard or a recommended organic lawn fertilizer or synthetic product that you buy from a garden store, are intended to improve the quality of the soil or to strengthen and nourish your plants, but they cannot stop weeds from growing on your lawn.

Every lawn gets some weeds, too. If the amount of unwanted plant species on your lawn is not very significant, you can remove them manually, one by one – the process is tedious, but it will ensure that you lawn stays weed-free for a long time. You can also ensure that your turf is free from weeds by making it thicker – the best way to achieve that thick, healthy, lush green carpet is by overseeding the lawn every spring for a couple of years. Leaving the leaves of grass about half an inch longer when mowing is another weed-control method that you can try – slightly longer grass is stronger and more resistant to weed infestations.

Unfortunately, not all weed issues can be solved so easily. If the weed infestation is significant, you will need to get some help in chemical form – from a weed-killer product. Choose a product in granulate form – it is easier to sprinkle and to dissolve by adding a generous amount of water on top.