Pets and a beautiful lawn are two things that do not always go well together. Of course, all the owners love their pets, but they are certainly not too happy when they urinate everywhere in the garden. Brown spots in the lawn are a common problem when animals are left free in the garden. With a few precautions, however, this lawn problem can be solved using some of the best lawn fertilizer available.

Brown spots in the grass are caused by nitrogen in the animals` urine. Since dog urine contains a high concentration of nitrogen, when they urinate it is the same thing as when you pour liquid fertilizer on the lawn. Fertilizer in moderate quantities is beneficial for the grass, but in excess it causes burns. Preventing the occurrence of burns in the lawn has to do with reducing the amount of nitrogen that comes into contact with the grass, and this can be done by abundantly irrigating the area where the animal urinated, in order to dilute the nitrogen.

Conditions that favor the appearance of brown spots on the lawn

  • Dog females cause burns much more often than males, because they urinate in one spot, while male dogs lift their leg and spray, marking the territory in several spots
  • Large dogs store more urine and so the amount of nitrogen that gets on the lawn is higher
  • Very active dogs with a large amount of protein (meat) in their diet are more likely to cause brown spots on the lawn
  • Gardens that have been fertilized very well, close to the maximum limit, will not resist getting more from a pet`s urine