green grass lawn food fertilizers

Among the benefits of applying organic fertilizers we mention:

  • Maintaining soil fertility: Organic matter stores macro and microelements that are gradually released into the soil, under the influence of microorganisms and environmental factors. In addition to the supply of nutrients by applying lawn food with organic fertilizers, the soil structure, aeration, water retention and infiltration capacity are improved.
  • Local production: organic fertilizers can be produces in your own household, by recycling, which is helpful if you want to reduce some expenses.
  • Reducing soil erosion: by the presence of a larger amount of organic matter in the soil, especially on sandy soils, wind erosion is reduced
  • Reducing mineral nitrogen doses: by 20 – 50%, without decreasing production, if it is administered together with mineral fertilizers, especially phosphates.
  • Safe environment: organic fertilizers are easily biodegradable and do not cause environmental pollution.
  • Non-toxic foods: The use of these fertilizers creates the premise that the food obtained will have a low content of harmful chemicals.

Organic fertilizers have more advantages than chemical fertilizers, but also a few disadvantages, at least in certain situations that include limited availability of nutrients, potential for crops infestation, higher workload but also problems in satisfying the demand, the resources being limited.