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It is essential to make sure your fertilizer releases nutrients slowly, if you want your garden and lawn to thrive. Many people don’t know this, and they spray regular fertilizer after which they allow for extensive watering. This process is extremely counterproductive, especially in areas where the soil is somewhat sandy. It will cause the fertilizer to be washed away, so only a very small quantity of its nutrients actually reaches the roots of your plants and grasses.


Another reason that slow-release fertilizer might be needed is that a faster release could sometimes cause an overwhelming amount of nutrients and nitrogen to be released into the soil. The nitrogen in particular can be a pretty big problem, as it will tend to “burn” your lawn or flowers and lead to unsightly brown spots in your lawn as well as a weakened  garden.


In contrast to all that, slow release fertilizer will make things much easier. Due to the fact that it’s designed to slowly decompose and allow nutrients to get to the roots gradually, it provides a steady and consistent flow of nutrients without excess nitrogen being released and without the risk of the fertilizer being easily washed away. For best results, consider replenishing your soil to adjust its content of clay or sand, and think about aerating it as well – especially during the colder seasons.