Organic Lawn Food During Winter MonthsAfter you have enjoyed the fall harvest, it is time to carefully plan your activities to build up your soil`s strength for next year and provide great lawn food to nourish your lawn for Spring. Winter is a very good time for the soil to restore its supply of nutrients.

Aeration is one of the works that are performed in the autumn, because it ensures oxygenation of the soil. The aeration process is done by digging the soil. Remember that if you plant something in your garden in the fall, it is good to avoid the layers and limit yourself only to the space between them.

To ensure protection against cold and rainfall, many farmers practice mulching. Once the soil is cleaned of debris and aerated, it is covered with a layer of mulch. Besides offering protection against the cold, mulching maintains adequate humidity, enriches the soil with nutrients and prevents the growth of those weeds.

In the autumn, you must also fertilize the soil, to provide it with the nutrients it needs during the next period. In winter, the garden is in a state of “hibernation”. Just as you rest at the end of a long and tiring day and restore your energy supply, so does the soil, which will fully benefit from the effects of fertilizers, so that next spring it will be ready to offer the best conditions to grow.