Grass Fertilizer

Using natural fertilizers on your grass is a great way to ensure the safety and the health of your lawn as well as to keep lawn maintenance costs low. Here are the benefits in more detail:

  • Efficiency and safety – natural fertilizers, whether bought from the local garden store or prepared using DIY methods, such as composting organic household waste, release their nutrient contents slowly, allowing your plants to absorb exactly the quantity they need without the risk of becoming overfertilized and they also add organic matter to the soil, improving the soil’s structure and its ability to retain moisture and nutrients;
  • Easy access – natural fertilizers that you can use on your lawn are available from various sources. You can buy bagged grass fertilizer from the store, you can turn to local farmers and ask them for poultry waste or other suitable animal waste (they will be happy to get rid of the stuff) or you can make your own, by composting the organic waste produced in your household;
  • Reduced environmental impact – reducing the environmental footprint of lawn care is an important aspect that any environment-conscious lawn owner should pay attention to. Natural grass fertilizers that come from the shops are eco-friendly, while the compost you make yourself is completely green.