Best Solution Grass Fertilizer Green You may be tempted to use chemical fertilizers just for your plants, but it is better to use organic grass fertilizer and thus feed both your plants, and your garden’s soil. Organic fertilizers are based on natural ingredients and are rich in minerals and other substances that are required for a healthy, nice-looking garden.

It is a sure fact that the productivity of a soil is highly dependent on what it contains. Natural fertilizers are made from vegetal, animal and mineral ingredients. Thus, they typically include bone meal, manure, alfalfa, compost, kelp, and so on.

Synthetic fertilizers are only rich in potassium, phosphorus and nitrogen, whereas natural fertilizers also contain trace nutrients. Organic fertilizers can be found in several different variants, including liquid, dry or semi-humid.

Natural fertilizers are known to do their job at a slow pace, but their impact is certainly a positive one. The fact is plants can only get a limited amount of nutrients over a certain period of time. At the same time, organic fertilizers can help improve the structure of the soil. They are also much safer for people, the environment and the animals. And thanks to organic fertilizers, pests and diseases are kept under control.