Plan Lawn Space Use Grass Fertilizer For Green GrassMost of the year, the family’s favorite place becomes the yard with its green lawn, regardless of its size. This means that this area needs to be planned carefully, by using your entire creativity, so that everyone feels good being there.

The plan for your lawn space must depend on the most important activities that will take place there.

If the lawn is a playground for children, it must be resistant. Choose special grass seed mixes, suitable for heavy traffic, which are also soft enough to allow kids to run barefoot.

If you decided that you prefer to have open spaces in the yard, covered with lawn rather than flower beds or other types of vegetation, it doesn`t mean that your lawn will look boring especially if you use a good grass fertilizer several times a year, on the contrary! You can work to make it clean and geometrically disciplined; it will definitely look original and interesting.

You could also create different models on the lawn, by mowing it at different heights. This is a project that requires time and effort. Once created, these models must be maintained, otherwise grass growth and traffic will make them disappear soon enough.

If, on the other hand, you do not have much time for landscaping and maintenance, you can opt for a lawn with small flowers. This option is ideal for wild gardens.