The Richlawn Company Agrees With Aeration

When it comes to winter lawn maintenance, most experts such as The Richlawn Company will tell you that one of the main things to look into is lawn aeration. Aerating your lawn is important because it literally gives the grass roots the ability to “breathe” more easily, allowing air, water and important nutrients to make their way to the roots and strengthen them.


The main problem with winter soil is that the cold causes the soil to become compacted. This, in turn, leads to the soil being unable to provide grass roots with an adequate amount of air, water and nutrients, all of which are important to the health and survival of the roots. Even a soil that features a compacted layer only ¼ of an inch thick can lead to some serious problems over the course of the winter season.


When lawn grasses are not only deprived of heat, but also of the basic nutrients required to sustain their growth and survival during the winter, they can easily fall prey to sickness or even die out completely. The result would be that, once the spring arrives, you’ll be forced to remove the dead grass and plant new grass seeds, then have to wait for it to grow.


To prevent all these issues, you can simply aerate your lawn during the winter, and ensure its healthy survival over the course of the entire season.