richlawn turf food organic fertilizer

Dry waste coming from domestic birds such as chickens or ducks is a great organic lawn fertilizer ingredient, especially for the vegetable garden, but also for fruit trees. Very rich in nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, dry poultry waste incorporated into the soil can increase its acidity, so it must be administered carefully and in the right dosages in order to be effective.

The use of poultry waste is based on a principle: the birds from which it comes should be fed only vegetables and other ingredients that must be as natural as possible. In this way, the quality of the future fertilizer will also be higher. Poultry waste is collected and stored in sheds, where it is not exposed to sunlight, covered with either a layer of earth or dark foil.

Poultry manure can be spread directly on the soil, or used to make different fertilizing solution (a kilogram of poultry waste mixed with 4-10 liters of water will form a solution that must be used during the plant growing season). Moreover, this fertilizer is perfect if it is mixed with other type of compost or soil in a concentration of 10%. Applied after fermentation, it provides the plants with the nutrients they need for growing strong and healthy.  Look to The Richlawn Company for some of the best organic fertilizers.