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Having a quality lawn is possible by performing regular maintenance works and using specific products for fertilization. Given that the lawn is frequently walked on, or used for various sports activities, it is natural that the grass needs nutrients to stimulate regeneration and growth.

If you want to get rid of chemicals, you can try making organic compost in your household. In fact, composting is a simple way to recycle household and gardening waste. Anyone can make compost, as nature gives us all the resources we need to enrich the soil with organic materials.

Why is organic compost effective? Due to a significant amount of humus, compost has the ability to feed the soil, thus giving the plants a suitable environment for development. In addition to soil fertilization, it has many other positive effects, including:

  • It improves soil structure and neutralizes pH
  • It retains soil moisture and reduces by up to 35% the amount of water used for irrigation
  • It stimulates biological activity in the soil
  • It provides more resistance to plants against pests and diseases
  • The soil heats up faster due to the dark color of the compost
  • It is easily assimilated by plants

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