Why Use Organic Fertilizer to Fertilize Your Lawn

Organic fertilizers are great for making your lawn strong, healthy and of a deep, lush green and all these benefits (and many more) come for free or they cost very little. Here are the advantages of using organic fertilizer treatments to fertilize your lawn:

  • A method that is safe for everyone – organic fertilizers will add no harsh or harmful chemicals to the soil, feeding the plants in a safe and all-natural way;
  • All the right elements, released exactly the way they should be – natural fertilizers incorporate all the elements that your grass needs to be able to thrive, including nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, sulphur and calcium and they release their nutrient contents slowly, exactly the way needed by your plants. This feature makes natural fertilizers easy to use, without posing the risk of burning or bleaching your plants;
  • Easy availability – organic lawn fertilizers are available from many sources. You can buy them from the garden store, you can turn to local farmers for poultry, cow or horse waste or you can make your own from organic household waste. All you need for making your own compost is a large bin for collecting the waste and then some attention and patience – you will have to turn over the collected waste regularly to facilitate the composting process and you will need to wait for about a year for obtaining your own, high-quality organic lawn fertilizer.