Mulch has sometimes been known to smoke and heat up, and in some cases, it can even ignite spontaneously. The main issue is that some types of mulch are highly flammable, and the fire they produce can extend to nearby buildings and forests, which can lead to an extensive fire that would threaten human and animal life alike.


Of course, mulch doesn’t usually produce fire on its own. Typically, smoking materials such as cigarette buts can make their way to the mulch, and cause it to smoke or even ignite. Also, if the mulch is pushed deeper into the ground, the heat and pressure can build up, leading to it producing an open flame.


To prevent mulch from bursting into an open flame in a dry area, you can take a few precautions:


  • Dispose of all your smoking materials responsibly, and avoid smoking in the area where your mulch is located.
  • Regularly water your garden to make sure that the mulch is constantly moist – even when there’s a drought or the weather is uncommonly warm and dry.
  • Use less flammable mulch, such as pine bark nuggets or shredded hardwood.
  • Add a rock bed barrier between your garden and any nearby buildings, including your home.

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