best landscaping ideas fertilizer to use

If you have a yard or a garden, but you have no idea how to use all that space to transform it into a calming, harmonious, green oasis, don’t worry, there are lots of great resources at your disposal to find inspiration. Here are some:

  • Landscaping websites – the best and handiest resources are the websites on which experts provide landscaping tips and also present layouts that you can combine to get your unique landscape configuration. You can turn to the internet to find out about the plant varieties that work best in your area, about plant and landscape care tips and for advice about the best materials to use;
  • Gardening magazines – these beautiful, printed magazines also come with interesting, informative articles about landscape features and caring tips;
  • Your local garden store – the people who work in garden stores are usually passionate gardeners themselves, so you can ask them for a couple of tips, too, especially when it comes to the best lawn fertilizer to choose;
  • A local landscapist – most landscapists offer consultancy services as well. These services are either offered for free or for a small fee – just find a friendly, helpful contractor that you feel comfortable to turn to and ask your questions. It is a good idea to jot down the question that you have to make the meeting really efficient.