Gro Rich Fertilizer Garden CompostEven though February is cold and humid, you should know that the first gardening activities begin this month. Here’s what you can do in February if temperatures don’t drop below 0 degrees C:

Pruning of trees and shrubs

Spring flowering shrubs should be left alone in winter, because some are very vulnerable. If you cut them when it is still cold, they will freeze.

Pruning fruit trees depends on what results you want to achieve. If your goal is to get vigorous branches, then you have already performed pruning the previous autumn; on the other hand, if you want to have many fruits, you must prune your trees in February.

Soil fertilization

February is ideal to apply garden compost, depending on the plants you grow. Fertilizer improves soil, and fertile soil encourages plant growth and development. The plants will have many flowers and healthy leaves.

The most important elements for the plants to grow healthy are: nitrogen (stimulates growth), phosphorus (good for flowering, fruiting and root development) and potassium (stimulates the emergence of new leaves and helps the circulation of water and nutrients).


Check the seeds, prepare the seedbeds, check the temperature and calculate how many hours of sun reaches the place where you will keep the seeds.