When To Winter FertilizeFertilizing your flowers is an important part of taking care of your garden and of your landscape, in general. It goes without saying that healthy, nice-looking flowers can greatly improve your home’s curb appeal.

It takes a lot of energy for flowers to be able to blossom, and sometimes the soil does not provide the much-needed nutritious elements to help them achieve that. In this respect, a good fertilizer should be able to provide plants with the elements they need not only to survive, but also to grow up to the point of being able to produce flowers, to everyone’s joy and delight.

Although there are many perennial and annual plants which can bloom without being fertilized, others need this important detail to develop any further. Winter fertilizer is essential for plants which are kept in containers. Because once the nutrients in the pots have run out, they cannot get accumulated again, like they would in natural conditions.

Fertilizing your garden can be done at any moment of the day. As far as the part of the year is concerned, you should begin fertilizing in the spring and stop by the end of the summer. It is not recommended to fertilize your garden in the fall or winter, when plants go dormant.