Richlawn Fall Last Time To Mow Lawn

So you want to be more careful and considerate of your lawn and help it grow more healthy and vibrant. A noble cause, for certain; but how do you know when to start and stop certain lawn-related maintenance activities such as lawn mowing?


It might seem like a straightforward answer to some who have been gardening for a while, but the issue of when to stop mowing the lawn isn’t that simple for everyone. Depending on the type of lawn you have and where you live, it can get more complicated, as the ideal season or time isn’t the same everywhere.


If you’re living somewhere in the south, like in Texas or South Carolina, you might be using both warm and cool-season grass for parts of your lawn, so you can keep at least a portion of it green all year round. However, while cool season grasses will continue to grow until soil temperatures drop below 45 degrees, warm season grasses will go dormant much sooner – at around temperatures of 55 degrees or less.


As a result, you really have to pay attention to the seasons and soil temperature changes, as each time it will be different. When it’s warmer in November, you can keep mowing your cool weather grass until the soil gets cold, and when you’re experiencing an unusually cold autumn in areas like Washington or Illinois, you could consider stopping as early as September or early October.  For more questions regarding your lawn go to