Richlawn organic garden fertilizer product

After the cold of winter, springtime is an excellent period for gardening. As nature springs to life, and your lawn and garden begins to show signs of recovery after long months of freeze and snow storms, it’s high time to start working in your garden and getting your garden ready for the warmer months.


Most of the organic fertilizer and gardening experts will argue that starting to tend to your garden should be one of your main priorities in the beginning and middle of the spring. Around the end of March and the start of April it’s basically the ideal time to start planting, pulling out weeds, sweeping away all the dead leaves and making sure that your existing plants have made it through winter in one piece.


Depending on what you already have and how your plants have gone through the winter, you could consider planting new ones. You might find some old plants have died or they’re in bad shape, while others are doing really well. All of these details need to be sorted out right around the start of April, when the temperature of the soil starts to warm.


The best time for planting your new crops, flowers and herbs is when the soil temperature reaches somewhere around 60-70 degrees. At this point, the seeds you plant will begin to sprout and you’ll be able to tend to the new plants and saplings without much difficulty.