richlawn e z lawn seed spring sowing watering guidelines

Adequate lawn watering is essential for having a splendid-looking lawn. So you should know exactly how often to water and when to fertilize lawn in Colorado, to avoid any damage and further inconveniences to your living environment.

Apparently, you should avoid excessive watering of your lawn. Thus, instead daily watering, you should water your lawn about 2-3 times a week. At the same time, in case there are dry spots which cannot be fixed by a simple watering, it means there are some other kind of problems involved, and you should make a further investigation and apply the proper solutions such as new lawn seed or fertilization.

Especially in case you are the proud owner of a lush fescue lawn, you should water it more during the hot summer days. Getting a rain gauge may be a good idea. This can help you determine when you may need to water your lawn again. Thus, if you have at least one inch of water in the gauge per week, then your lawn is doing fine. If not, you need to take immediate action.

It may be hard to know exactly for how long you need to water your lawn to get the right quantity, namely that of at least 1 inch, but in case you have automatic sprinklers, it generally takes about an hour.