Tree And Lawn FertilizersThe best time to plant most large plants, such as bushes, ornamental trees as well as fruit trees is in the late winter or in early spring, when the plants are in a dormant state and are not affected or shocked by the change of environment, when the soil is no longer frozen and when your new plants will have sufficient time to strengthen their roots before the harsh heat of summer puts them to the test.

The method of planting fruit trees is very similar to the methods used for planting any tree. Dig a hole that is about twice the diameter of the root and twice as deep as the length of the root. Build a cone shape at the bottom of the hole, then place the tree on the top of the cone and gently spread the roots of the tree around the cone, taking care not to hurt them. Fill the hole with loose soil and add a layer of compost, too, to provide nourishment to the tree and to make it easier for your new plant to recover from the shock of moving to a new home. Add some water, too, then visit your plant in a little while to see whether you need to add more soil.  It is safe to use pet friendly lawn fertilizer around your fruit trees.