Top Dressing For Beautiful Lawn

Many homeowners have the question of when the best time is to fertilize one’s lawn. Generally speaking, if you can catch the best time of the year for fertilization, you have the ideal chance to make your lawn grow healthier and greener. It’s literally one of those situations where the grass is greener on the “other side” – and that can be your side.


Most experts agree that the best temperature you should aim for is about 55 degrees. That means mid-April in some parts, although depending on the type of climate you have in your area, it can come either sooner or later. If you live up north, in places like Washington State or Maine, then that temperature is likely to come later on, and if you’re in southern Texas or California, you won’t have to wait too long for it.


However, even if you don’t have a thermometer around the house, you can easily find out when the best time to fertilize your lawn is by observing nature. When the grass starts to grow and the lilacs begin to blossom, you’ll already know that the time is right. So start looking where to buy top dressing for lawns and ensure beautiful lawn that is properly nourished all year long.