rich lawn best time to lay down sod

As long as you choose the right type of grass variety, sod can be safely installed in Colorado before the first frost, in fall, but the best time for sod installation is in spring or in milder weather periods throughout the growing season – the important thing is to have strong grass roots before the soil freezes and stays frozen for months.

Now that you know when it is the best time to install your sod, here are some tips about how to care for it after you install it:

  • Prepare the soil – clean the area where your sod will be installed. Remove old grass roots and complete the grading, creating an area that slopes from the foundation of your home. De-compact the soil to a depth of at least 12 inches and moisten it to a depth of six inches before your sod rolls arrive;
  • Installation and initial care – it is very important to open the rolls and lay them down right after you receive them. After they are spread on your territory, water your sod abundantly, to at least 6 inches deep, to relieve your new grass from the stress endured during the journey to your plot. Keep watering frequently for the next two weeks – you can reduce intensity to about 2 inches of water.

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