when to fertilize mow winter water

The right way of watering your lawn and knowing when to fertilize lawn in Colorado is essential for maintaining it healthy.

During spring and autumn, the lawn should be watered every two days. With the arrival of summer it is necessary to irrigate more often, like twice a day, depending on weather conditions. The best time of day to water the lawn is in the morning or in the evening. It is not recommended to water the lawn in the afternoon because, due to the sun exposure and the heat, most of the water may dry out before reaching the roots.

In the case of lawn sheets, they should be irrigated abundantly, 3-4 times a day, in the first 15 days after installing them. Their irrigation will facilitate the quick attachment to the ground and create a uniform appearance, without gaps between the rollers.

You should stick to the usual lawn watering routine until the arrival of the cold season. As long as you are still mowing the lawn, the grass is still growing, therefore it should be watered. You can start reducing water on your lawn when winter temperatures remain law for weeks, and the lawn becomes dormant.  Even if the winter is mild, you should know that your lawn will still be dormant, and occasional precipitation during this season should be enough to maintain the necessary level of moisture.