soil types organic fertilizer richlawn productsIn many areas, Colorado`s soil is clay, which is low in organic matter and often derived from sedimentary, igneous and volcanic rocks. This type of soil may present some problems for landscapers, especially for those who do not have the experience of working with it.

By nature, clay is heavy, making it difficult to dig and cultivate. It holds water well, which can be a plus, but it drains slowly, which can cause the plants to get too much water. You may also notice that your clay soil takes longer to warm up, in the spring, and this may force you to wait before you can work the earth and plant it.

Despite the challenges of this type of soil, clay is still good for growing different types of plants, as it can be modified so that the garden can grow nicely.

Add organic matter!

When you change your clay soil with organic matter, you provide it with a lighter texture and less compaction, which can make it easier to work. The organic material also adds nutrients to the soil and allows it to drain better, which ensures superior growing conditions for the plants.

To add organic matter, you want to loosen the soil first, so that it is easier to mix. It is best to do this when the soil is dry, as working with moist clay soil can damage its structure, increase compaction and create hard soil agglomerations.  For some of the best in organic fertilizer look at