Garden Fertilizer Depending on when you want to plant them, each vegetable will behave differently in different weather conditions. If you plant them at the right time, you can expect the fastest and best yield. So, if you’re truly planning to plant the best crops next year, consider starting early and thinking about what types of vegetables you might be able to plant from the very beginning of 2020.


As long as the ground isn’t frozen, it might be possible to start planting certain crops as early as January, although some experts will not recommend that. Broad beans are good to start off with, and you can also plant onions and leeks for an earlier start, if the temperature is at least 10 Celsius degrees.


February can still be very cold, but if the upcoming months will be mild, you can still plant a broad array of crops, including shallots, peas, onions and garlic.


Finally, as the month of March arrives, you should already start seeing some of the results of your early planting efforts. Also, in March you can already consider planting more sensitive crops of vegetables, such as cucumbers, aubergines, peppers, as well as lettuces and other salad crops that can be extremely healthy to eat.  Find out more information regarding fertilizing products and times, see