Pro Rich Lawn Fall & WinterFallen leaves are uncomfortable for most gardeners, who gather and dispose them, but nature is so complex that everything can be used for a precise and beneficial purpose.

Here are two ways to use all those dried leaves to your advantage.

Make compost

The best solution you have when you want to get rid of the dried leaves in your yard is to gather them in one place and let them sit for a few days (or even a few weeks), but not before mixing them with dry straw and/ or sawdust to prevent rot. Dried leaves are part of the ecosystem and become the best lawn fertilizer for soil and plants in your garden. Thus, before planting or even after, you can add this compost on the soil. The dried leaves will break down shortly and provide the soil with many minerals and ingredients that represent a natural fertilizer.

Use them for protecting plants against frost

If you are used to planting in late fall, it is necessary to protect the plants against frost. Gather the leaves in the garden and keep them in a dry and cool place until you need them. Spread them in a thick layer over the entire cultivated area. This way, your plants will be protected and, in addition, the soil will have adequate moisture to stimulate root formation.