richlawn soil compost

Good luck and proper timing are the main ingredients for ensuring that planting a tree is successful. Nevertheless, it may be more useful to take into account a few things and thus ensure that your every tree planting endeavor is worth the effort.


Trees are considered to be the lungs of our planet. Without them, life on earth would be impossible. And knowing how to care for the trees from the very beginning is very important. For instance, although trees and shrubs are less sensitive than other types of vegetation, there certainly are times to plant which are better than others, for some good reasons. Early spring or fall is the best time of the year for planting trees in your garden.


At any rate, you should prepare the planting holes carefully. The hole should be about three times wider than the existing root mass, but not too deep. As a matter of fact, it is essential to plant your trees high.


Another important detail to remember is not to alter the soil. In other words, your newly-planted tree should be able to grow and develop in the already-existing soil conditions, if the soil is clay, it is important to use a good compost soil to amend it. Eliminating air pockets is yet another essential activity.