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Maybe you want your lawn to be dark green, and feel frustrated that you do not seem to reach your goal. In this respect, there are certain details which can actually help your grass look greener.

The problem can be complex, and there can be more than just one reason why your lawn is less green than expected. There may be more than just causes, all at once. Despite the fact that an accurate diagnosis may be hard to do, there are certain more common causes of a brown lawn. Thus, lack of water or drought may be the reason behind it. It is a very common mistake for people to underestimate the exact quantity of water that a lawn needs.

Turf disease may be another reason why your lawn does not look as green as you want it. If that is the case, you should use professional fungicides to solve the issue.

There can be about an early stage of insect-related damage. In order to determine if that is the problem, you should ask for advice from a professional team.

Inadequate mowing and use of organic lawn fertilizer may be another part of the problem. Your blades may be too dull or you may be mowing too low.