Type Of Plants That Grow Outside In ColdGardening is your passion? Then you probably know that this activity does not have to stop just because it is cold outside! There are plants that expose their flowers even when most other have already entered the vegetative phase. These flowering plants are cold-resistant and even bloom in the snow.


Cyclamen is a very popular plant, due to the diversity of its colors and the size of its beautiful flowers. Cyclamen blooms in winter. If you think these are indoor plants, you will be amazed how bright they can be when planted outdoors! Although they bloom in late autumn, cyclamen flowers can last up to 2 months. The prefer partial shade and look best when planted under trees.

Erica carnea

This plant, with delicate, purple flowers (although there are also hybrids with pink, white, or lilac flowers) begins to bloom in December, and you can enjoy its flowers until April. It prefers sunny places and well drained soil.


Camellia – is a favorite plant for its robust leaves and flowers similar to roses. The colors vary from white to lilac and from pink to dark red. They begin to bloom in the middle of autumn and last quite well in winter. Camellias prefer sunny places, but they support partial shade and require a moderate amount of water.

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