Raised Bed Garden Mix

If the land available for gardening does not have the best soil, and if the space is not enough for what you want to cultivate, the best option is to build raised beds and use the best compost for garden to thrive.

The first and greatest advantage is that the use of the raised beds method increases the productivity more than 2 times compared to the classical culture, while reducing the costs for solar heating. Being placed more often at the edge of the solarium, the sides of the layers contribute to heating the soil, and maintaining it without starting the heating system too often.

Another major advantage is that you can choose what kind of soil you place inside them, so you will have complete control over its quality and nutritional level. This is very helpful, especially if you live in an area with poor soil, not so friendly for plant growth.

Where do you get the necessary soil from? You can simply take a few sacks of garden soil from the more fertile areas. Also look for manure – 4-5 years old. Use 1/3 manure and 2/3 garden soil, in your raised garden beds. You can also add some sand or gravel, for better drainage.  If you have no other choice, you can also buy flower bed from the supermarket.