garden organic rich fertilizer

When you’re growing a new garden in a new place, it can be hard to determine the type of fertilizer to use. Fortunately, using a few simple clues, you can get the most out of your garden by knowing how to choose the right fertilizer to replenish and re-balance your soil with life-saving nutrients.


Unfortunately, there’s no straightforward answer to this question. The “right” kind of fertilizer will depend on a number of factors. The only thing you can know from the start is that (usually) a slow release fertilizer will be required that is organic, and can’t be easily washed away by the rain.


That being said, before you decide on the right fertilizer, you have to first consider the pH of your soil. Certain types of fertilizer can make your soil more acidic or more alkaline, so it’s essential to know which of these to use to avoid harming your plants.


Also, make sure you know from the start what plants you want to grow. Some plants require a more careful pH balance and specific conditions and nutrients. As such, to grow them you will have to be a little more picky when selecting your fertilizer, and you might also need to pay a little more in order to buy the right type, or get quality organic fertilizer from