Lawn Care Fertilizing TipsVery easy to use, a slow release fertilizer swill do their job for a few months, while you are required to do… nothing.   This makes them are ideal to use by thosee who do not have too much time to care for their plants.

What is a slow-release fertilizer?

Initially released as a professional solution, this type of fertilizer is now very popular and comes in the form of small porous granules filled with fertilizers. It is accessible to everyone and it has a long term effect unlike traditional chemical fertilizers that have a very quick effect, known as “whiplash”.  It slowly releases fertilizer in the earth, even over irrigation, for up to 6 months. In the case of “greedy” plants, such as surfinias or pelargoniums, divide this time with two, especially if watering is very common during the summer.  Check the guidelines as to when to fertilize lawn in Denver for best results.

The benefits of slow release fertilizers

  • They are very convenient to use and easy to aapply
  • An application is sufficient to feed the plant during at least one season
  • Their formula is ideal for people who have little time to care for their garden
  • The form of presentation of slow release fertilizers makes them easier to preserve.