slow release fertilizer turf foodAlthough most fertilizer products have similar or the same types of compounds in them, regardless of the brand you buy from or the type of fertilizer you use, slow release fertilizer is typically considered to be more efficient and beneficial for your soil than fertilizer that is designed for a quicker release.  You also need to know when to fertilize lawn in Colorado and other areas for the best results.


As opposed to quick release fertilizer, slow release products give up their nutrients over a longer period of time, and can therefore ensure a more effective fertilization process that allows plants, herbs, grasses and vegetable crops to use the nutrients they offer more efficiently. There can be organic slow release fertilizers – typically considered to be a better choice – which release their nutrients by decomposing over a longer period of time; and synthetic fertilizers which use a type of artificially created plastic resin or polymer coating that breaks down over time, releasing the nutrients into the soil.


The benefits of a quick release fertilizer product is that it doesn’t get washed up with the rain so quickly, and that it can prevent overfertilization and fertilizer burn. Using this type of fertilizer might be slightly more expensive than buying quick release products, but the long term benefits for the health of your lawn, crops and other plants can be quite impressive.