Plant Doctor About Second Harvest Mulch

Second harvest mulch is typically used to cover the soil in small pieces of bark or wood for various reasons. While some type of mulch might be used to nurture and feed the soil, second harvest mulch has other important benefits, some of which you might already know about:


  • First of all, second harvest mulch is designed to act as a natural protective barrier between your soil and the harsh exterior environment. It will offer sanctuary to insects and slowly decompose to also feed your garden in the process.
  • The wood used for second harvest mulching is typically recycled bark or hardwood that doesn’t need to come from cutting new trees down. As a result, you’re not hurting the environment by using it.
  • It absorbs excess moisture and prevents the growth and development of unwanted weeds.
  • Because of its natural origin, it’s safe to use around all plants and garden wildlife, so you won’t need to worry that it might cause any harm to your garden whatsoever.
  • Finally, the use of second harvest mulch provides you with a practical ground cover that requires very little maintenance and its cheap cost, as well as the fact that it encourages less frequent re-mulching, will also offer you a financial incentive to use it.

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