lawn food overseeding hand seeding

When you work with cool season grasses, you’ll want to consider ways in which you can maximize yield and prevent weeds from causing too many problems. Overseeding and good lawn food is just the right tool for that, as it can help gardeners increase the lawn’s resilience as well as their resistance in the face of weeds, disease, pests as well as many other problems.


Many experts believe that overseeding is a good method to give your lawn more color as well as to enrich and empower it against external stressors. What happens is that the grass blades are closer together, and they’re using up more of the soil’s resources. As a result, any other plant or weed trying to compete will quickly end up without the necessary nutrients to do so.


The reason overseeding is recommended mainly for cool weather grass is because in warmer weather the individual grass blades will compete more for scarce resources and water among themselves and it’s possible that some of them will die out as a result. This will lead to your lawn losing its color and becoming unsightly. Always check on the overall weather and climate in your region before considering overseeding as a possible option to enhance your lawn.