Organic Lawn Pet Friendly Fertilizer

Organic fertilizer can be a great choice when you want to nourish your lawn and keep it healthy. Unlike most synthetic products, organic fertilizer products will keep your lawn from deteriorating and contracting diseases that can end up forcing you to scrap everything and plant again.


The great thing about using lawn fertilizer products that are organic is you can work together with the environment instead of battling it and they are a pet friendly lawn fertilizer too. Organic fertilizer will make your lawn part of the organic scenery, attracting beneficial insects and animals, and helping each grass blade strengthen its immunity to disease.


Organic products are chemically feasible, having the same constitution as the best synthetic products, but without the harmful chemicals added to keep pests away or preserve the fertilizer long term. The disadvantage is you have to be more careful when storing your fertilizer long term, as it can be more susceptible to damage via excess moisture and higher temperatures.


The advantage, however, is a healthier lawn and better results with species of grass that wouldn’t normally grow too easily in your area. Experts also recommend organic fertilizer because it is far more environmentally friendly, and it has no harmful byproducts that can affect the soil and the environment over time.