Clay Buster Products for Rich lawn

Clay soil can be a big problem if you want to set up a garden near your Colorado home. Not only is clay soil difficult to manage, but it also retains water too easily, not allowing it to seep through so that the root can breathe and take in nutrients more easily. A lot of times, dirt with a large concentration of clay can make the root of a plant or tree rot as a result of water damage, so extra special care has to be taken when using clay dirt for gardening and getting the right nourishment through the best type of fertilizer.


So what does clay soil imply anyway? Clay soil is basically a type of soil that is made up from lots of tiny particles that can mesh together to create a large mass which can be difficult to work with. Although clay soil can be hard to shovel or dig holes into it, you’ll find that it does have some advantages: it’s actually a lot more fertile than other types of soil, and it can provide an excellent foundation for plants that need additional support for their roots.


Keeping all this in mind, it’s important to avoid using too much fertilizer, and to focus on using fertilizers only once every two weeks or so. Liquid or granular fertilizers are typically fine, as long as you use them in a responsible way.  Always use organic products from