Using Organic FertilizerNatural fertilizers are easy to make, cheap (in most cases, completely free), very efficient and totally safe for the plants, the soil as well as for the humans and the animals that consume the plants. Here are some ingredients that you can use to make the perfect fertilizer for your lawn or garden:

  • Coffee grounds – an excellent ingredient for plants that love acid environments and need high amounts of nitrogen. Collect used coffee grounds, add about 6 cups to 5 gallons of water, then let the mix settle for about 3 days before you use it. Your tomatoes, roses and berries will love the delicious, refreshing treat;
  • Eggshells – consisting almost completely of calcium carbonate, crushed egg shells are great for feeding peppers and tomatoes. You can either work the crushed eggshells into the soil or you can combine the coarse powder with other nutrients to create your own mix;
  • Manure – animal waste, such as poultry, horse and cow manure, is a rich source of nitrogen and other elements and it is also available from farms or from your own yard. For even better results, age the manure for a few days in a bag and use it before planting.  Find the best fertilizer in Colorado at