herb garden indoor natural fertilizer

When you don’t have enough time or space for outdoor gardening, or if your area experiences very low temperatures during the winter, then selecting species of plants that do well indoors can be an excellent choice. The herbs you go with will have to prefer indoor air and being deprived of rainwater, and they should be somewhat resilient so they can survive in the type of soil you have available, you can also add a natural fertilizer to promote growth.


Basil is a great plant for growing it indoors. Even though it doesn’t prefer cool, drafty areas, you’ll do well with keeping it close to a south-facing window and using it for your favorite salads and dishes for a few weeks before replanting.


Chervil is a delicious ingredient used in French cuisine. The herb can be kept indoors quite easily, and it doesn’t need too much care. After sprouting, however, it’s best to keep the plant in a cooler environment (no more than 70 degrees), and to keep it exposed to a moderate amount of sunlight.


Finally, peppermint and spearmint are great herbs to plant indoors, especially during the winter, when some tasty spearmint tea can help you stay healthy and strong. Mint plants grow quickly, and they actually prefer slightly lower temperatures. Make sure to keep their soil moist on a regular basis.