Organic Compost

Conserving water becomes much easier when you apply a few simple principles in your garden. A water-wise landscaping can be based on xeriscape design. The name of this style of landscaping comes from the Greek word “xeros”, which means “dry”.

The most important step for your garden in xeriscape style is detailed planning. Only by organizing everything before you start planting can you get the best results.

The right choice of plants

To significantly reduce the consumption of water in your garden, you must not use plants that need to be watered on a daily basis. You will have to look for herbs and flowers that grow well in drier conditions too and do not require much care, and also apply a good organic compost to provide nutrients to the plants.

Efficient irrigation

The water economy varies depending on how you have managed to separate the plants that need less water from those that need to be watered daily. The best irrigation system is one that wets the soil by drip, so you will be able to control the water needs of each plant.

Most plants will need to be watered additionally in the first two years of life. After that, once their roots have developed enough, the watering process can be more sparse.

Soil enrichment

If you want your xeriscape-style garden to have a good start, you will take into account the important role that soil enrichment has, before starting to plant. The generous addition of organic matter will improve the way water penetrates the soil, as well as the way the soil retains moisture.