Reason For Necrotic Ring Spots Lawn Answers

The lawn is an important element of any public private gardens. When it is healthy, the lawn is fresh, green, looking strong and neat. Any kind of disease, caused by either temperature or humidity conditions, mushrooms or bacteria, not only affects its aspect, but also its health.

One of these diseases is known as necrotic ring spot, or fairy rings, and is caused by infection with a fungus. Cool-season grasses such as annual bluegrass or Kentucky bluegrass are the most susceptible to be affected. This fungal infection kills turf roots and crowns.

Symptoms of necrotic ring spot are quite visible and distinct, since they appear as large ring-shaped patches of dead grass. The diameter of the circles may vary, with the upper limit being 5-10 meters. The turf is prone to this disease for many years after its occurrence.

Prevention and remedy

Unfortunately, there is no 100% protection against the necrotic ring spot. However, the development and spread of infestation can be reduced by adequate lawn care. You should first focus on ensuring adequate lawn ventilation and watering the diseased areas. Necrotic ring spot typically responds well to intensive hydration of the soil that you can perform with a water hose only lightly opened, so that the water can drain slowly into the ground and not pond on the surface.

However, if none of these options works, you can opt for a fungicide containing azoxystrobin, which comes in various application methods, including liquids and granules.  For more on this, get answers from