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There are many types of organic lawn care that can be identified based on their ability to deliver specific nutrients and minerals to the soil. Some are richer in nitrogen, while others provide greater amounts of phosphate, magnesium or sulfur. Here are a few of the most commonly used types of organic fertilizers you’ll find on the market these days:


  1. Nitrogen fertilizers that are based on nitrates are among the most common types of organic fertilizers used primarily in Europe. These fertilizers are able to provide large amounts of essential nutrients and minerals, such as calcium ammonium nitrate and ammonium nitrate, while ensuring that they are delivered through 100% natural means as organic compounds.
  2. Manure is typically made from animal droppings and is rich in nitrogen and potash. Because of that, and because of its traditional use and scientific proof of its effectiveness, manure is probably the most common and popular type of organic fertilizer in use today.
  3. Phosphorus fertilizers are common because phosphates are among the major types of minerals that pretty much all gardens require. The release profile and speed of phosphate-based organic fertilizer can be very important to pay attention to, though slow-release is usually considered better, and it’s the profile most associated with organic phosphorus fertilizers.