Knock down heavy snows form your shrubs and tree branches by gently pushing up with a broom.
It is very important to water your trees, shrubs, perennial and shrub beds every 4-6 weeks throughout the winter. If dry soil freezes, there is a good chance there will be root damage and the trees and shrubs will suffer. Your plants will better resist insect and disease problems next year.

Tree wrap is important protection for young trees. The purpose is to keep the tree’s bark temperature consistent. Start wrapping at the bottom and overlap up to the first set of branches. In the Denver metro area wrap the trees in mid November, and remove the wrap about April 1st.

Protect tender shrubs, like rhododendrons, azaleas, hollies, etc. during the winter months from drying winds by providing a barrier made from a frame wrapped in burlap and placed on the north and west sides of each shrub.

Make good use of our winter snow by shoveling the snow on to your lawn, trees, shrubs and perennial beds.