In order to have a green and healthy lawn in Colorado, there are certain specific tips which can be of tremendous help. First and foremost, you must know when exactly to water it. And the most recommended time for lawn watering is in the morning. This way, the soil can effectively absorb water, whereas the grass can go through the photosynthesis process. Of course, the photosynthesis takes place only with the action of the sun, so if you water your lawn at night, this may be less effective.

Moreover, if you water your lawn at night you risk generating a humid environment which can be prone to several diseases and undesirable development of fungi or mold. And if you water your lawn in the middle of the day, this can cause it to evaporate too quickly.

But lawns do not only need water, they also need to be properly aerated. By aerating you alleviate soil compaction, and thus help your grass grow more freely and abundantly.

And, last but not least, you can make your lawn look its best by using a quality organic lawn fertilizer on a frequent basis, according to the experts’ recommendations, so neither too often, nor too rarely.