best organic lawn fertilizer in coloradoMost turf experts agree that mulching your lawn grass is a good idea, but there are a few considerations that come in to play;

The most efficient way to mulch is of course with a mower that is made for the job. They typically have dual blades which reduces the cut grass to very fine particles that break down quickly and can benefit the lawn by adding organic content back to the soil, and the lawn re-absorbing nutrients contained in the particles.

Another consideration is frequency of mowing. If you mow only once per week, the volume of grass that is removed could be too great and smother the lawn, causing a problem rather than solving one.

For best results, the mulched lawn should be mowed every 3-4 days, and while there is benefit to the lawn (and less waste in the landfill) mulching is not a substitute for regular fertilization. A little research and understanding of your individual situation will help you decide if mulching is right for you.

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