Organic Fertilizer For Healthy Houseplants

It’s that time of the year again when our attention to growing plants shifts from outside to indoors. Some people are intimidated by growing houseplants, but don’t be. Whether you have a brightly lit sunroom or a low-light bedroom, with many colors and textures, there are as many options for plants as there are conditions to grow them in. No matter what type of plants you are interested in, you are limited only by your imagination.

Growing plants in the home is not only satisfying, but healthy too. Plants absorb carbon dioxide and give off oxygen, so they help to purify the air. Maintenance is easier too, because indoor plants don’t require as much water and are not subject to the changes in weather. With a little care you can have a beautiful indoor environment to brighten your days during the cold winter months.

So, take a trip to your local garden center, get some great ideas and have fun.  For questions, ask