new sod organic fertilizer

Sod – the blanket consisting of grass and a thin layer of soil underneath – is excellent for having a great, lush lawn without the extensive and exhausting work that transforms the barren soil into the lush turf, through soil turning, use of organic fertilizer, seeding and watering. Though sod allows you to skip several phases, you must know that your new blanket is sensitive and it needs to act quickly after you receive your rolls of grass:

  • Roll out your sod instantly – it is very important to stretch your rolls right after you receive them;
  • Water abundantly – the next phase that should come right after rolling out the sod is watering. Make sure that you give your new grass plenty of water – water until the water goes about 6 inches deep. You will need to water the sod more intensively until the grass roots become strong enough – 2-6 sprinklings per day are recommended for at least a week;
  • Mowing – the first mowing should be performed about 2 weeks after the installation that is the time by which your grass will have started growing. Leave the grass leaves tall to prevent the roots from drying – don’t mow off more than one third of the total length of the leaves;
  • A month later – about 3-4 weeks after the installation, you can start reducing the intensity of the watering and you can start adding the fertilizer of choice.